Thursday, July 1, 2010

Special Moments

Yesterday mom was great. Back at home in her new bed and everyone so happy to see her resting peacefully. Lina and Don spent the day, Ako and Kemu were at mom's side. And Tash was there too when we arrived. They let me have some time alone with her and I chatted some about the plan of salvation. I asked her if she was surrounded by Dad and Tina and the others already gone. I sang to her some of my favorite songs, and just held her hand.

Later, we gathered for Prayer and Song with those present. Ako prayed. It was a sweet prayer asking the father to let her know that we love her and to take her pain away. Enoka led us in one of her favorite songs. . .and then when it was over, we turned on the lights and she had tears in her eyes. It was a really special moment for children who have been waiting for any sign that she is still here with us, and that she can hear what is going on around them.

For the most part of the evening each of the children were talking about things that she had mentioned to them regarding the time that she leaves this mortal existence. Kemu was concerned with the way she wanted the garage. . .she had purchased lattice and wanted it nailed to the sides. . . Enoka was feeling a little bad because we never found the furniture that she wanted to have when people come to visit. Ako keeps reminding everyone that all Mommy has ever wanted is for everyone to get along. I must admit they are all a little worried that the oldest brother will bully them into something that they don't want but they are all getting together so that if it happens they will have a united front. I am just praying that it dosen't happen.

But getting back to the good parts. . .as I was leaving for the 2nd time yesterday. . .I was saying my goodbyes and telling mom I'll see her tomorrow. . .when I was walking away she let out the loudest grunt sound. . .Kemu and I laughed saying that she wanted to say goodbye too and I happily walked out to the car.

Lincon arrived at one this morning and Enoka and I went to pick him up. He was anxious because flights had been over booked and delayed. . .he understood that we had very little time left. We went back to moms and again visited for a few minutes and then got ready to go. . it was already 2 in the morning. When Lincon finally spoke to her as we were walking to the front door. . .He said, "Mom I'm home, It's Lincon" Immediately she gave this loud grunt, just as she had before with me. He then said, "Mommy I love you" and she started coughing like she was trying to clear her throat and then gave a long grunt again. That brought tears to my eyes. . . .It confirmed to me that she could still hear and recognize, even though physically she couldn't respond in a manner that we were used to.

Love you Mom!

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