Monday, April 22, 2013

Life's too short

So much has happened in the past year that I haven't blogged. . . Lisi graduated from law school. Dad's Memory has declined. . . Mariah is in High School. . . Sharyn is in Young Womens. . . Elijah's basketball team made it to the finals. . . Pati finally likes me enough to let me play candy land, but not enough to let me win. . .AVON has exploded for me. I became a divisonal winner which included an all expense paid trip to New York, Professional Make up classes and more. Enoka is still the center of my life. I am no longer part of the Primary Presidency. I am full time with Seminary and getting ready for graduation. It seems like everything is constantly moving from one event to another. Lisa is getting married this weekend. Alofa is entering the temple for herself at the end of the Month. Some of the Mavens are coming to Hawaii in June. Rachael still believes that she is my favorite. Sam and his group are way more amazing then I ever remember. Finally went to Tiki's for my birthday. It's amazing to think that 15 years ago my life changed in a big way and yet it still feels like Yesterday. Driving down the road on our way to a concert looking at the beautiful rainbow and sunset and boom. Gone in an instant. Maybe there are too many memories to remember, but at the same time so many missed. A drunk driver, a split second, a lifetime of regret.