Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Holiday Season

Aloha all, where ever you may be. We hope you are all doing well and find some time for peace this christmas. . .We have not been good blogers for the past few months, and that is because we got caught up in the Farmville frenzy. But we are back and in time to wish you all a merry christmas. After the many experiences we have had this year we are happy to tell you all is well. We still work around the corner from each other and get to ride to work together, eat lunch together, and ride home. We no longer have callings in the Primary. We are the Singles Couple Advisor. It has been awhile since thinking like a single adult, but we love the challenge and the people. . . even if we miss the Primary. My company held our annual christmas party at the bowling center again. . it was on Mom's birthday so I invited the family to attend. It was soooo much fun. Even little Rachael got a strike. Enoka and I got to help with the ward christmas food fest. We represented Samoa, with the best Chop Suey a tongan could make (nah, his sister made it for me). Enoka was going to play santa until we discovered the suit was to small for his round bellie!!!!! But all is well with us. . and we hope all is well with you!