Monday, August 10, 2009

Where is Justice

And I do mean the real justice. . not, "King Justice" (Can't touch this)

Ever been asked to do something you know is illegal? Immoral? Unethical? and overall in bad form?

Yup that was me over the weekend. Told to do something straight from the top boss and immediately wanted to call Department of Labor. I argued as much as possible about not doing it, but fearing that the boss would fire me on the spot. . followed through! Part of me says just ignore it. It has nothing to do with you. Keep your job, the economy is bad enough as it is. The other half says, "What the Hell? Who the Hell? and How the Hell?" sorry for the harsh language. But I just want to scream. It has nothing to do with me having to do more work, it has everything to do with the companies decision to make an example out of one person. One person who is sincere at heart and who made a mistake almost a year ago and has been illegally penalized in a large financial way now.

I called my trusty dad for advice. He wasn't the best HR manager PCC ever had for nothing. (Sorry Matt, I'm bias) His advice, don't do anything. And he is right. Although this company deserves to be reported, If I do it, or if I tell someone to do it, it will end up hurting me in the long run. Bad enough this company is run by some of the best members of the church that I know. . . it's just crazy and I have to vent!