Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aloha All,

We have had a wonderful few weeks, so it is was a shock and surprise to find that Enoka just lost his job... Thank goodness for great family and friends who support us. We will have to cut back on a lot of expenses for awhile and although internet will not be one of them, TV will. . so you should see a bit more blogging than we have been doing.

We spent Presidents Day in Laie, got to hang with Nassah, Riah, Sharyn, and Rachael. . .and their parents too!...

Enoka has joined the rest of the brother-in-laws in the unemployment line. . .so anyone who has heard of openings anywhere from Kaneohe to Honolulu, we are interested. Part-time, Full-time, on-call, anything to get by.

We are still YSA advisors and we just saw our first hook-up after class!. . . oh to be young and single again!

So today is the 10th anniversary of our First Date!. .. I know Enoka has something planned, just don't know what. It's also Tom Monsons' (grandson) 8th anniversary. . so if you read this, we are thinking of you, CONGRATS!

That means this year will be a milestone year for us, 10 years since Enoka got baptized (4/1/2000), 10 years since we got engaged (6/14/2000), 10 years since Larie left on her mission, 10 years since Rosie went back to Cali, 10 years since Fireworks needed permits!

But anyway. . .that's us for now. . will catch up soon!