Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Politics. . . hmmmm

I've been bombarded with peoples views, comments, and questions about Obama, the health plan, the Governor, congress, and many more political topics. . .I do have an opinion and I'll share it here. The idea that I need to share my thoughts came at a break the fast yesterday. The gentleman sitting next to me (who is running for N.A.'s seat in congress) Tried to strike up a conversation with me by posing the question. . .Aren't you thrilled with the health care reform that the President just signed? I really wanted to punch him but I replied, "I prefer not to discuss that here at church on a Sunday, I'd like to enjoy my dinner."

My problem with the reform and many of the recent events: It's not whether it's good or bad. . . it's the fact that politicians are forgetting that they are representing us. . . actual living, breathing, tax paying citizens. . if 64% of America does not want this then our elected officials have a responsibility to vote accordingly. I don't vote just so they can fly to Washington and forget their promises to the people who put them there. I think when we send them letters and faxes that overwhelming show our concerns and what we would like to see. . . or even ask questions about which direction they are siding with, only to be told, "thank you for your comments, however I am looking at the bigger picture" have forgotten why they were voted in and who put them there.

This brother, who didn't let it end, assumed that I was against the new med reform, and tried to remind me that when medicare and Social Security were greeted with the same type of negative attitude when they first came about. I wanted to tell him, "yeah but did you read on AOL, Social Security is officially bankrupt, 10 years before predicted!" Imagine I've worked for a quarter of a century paying taxes, giving money to Social Security and Medicare just to find that I wont get any of it back.

He went on to Praise Obama, and try to get me to agree that I need to support my leaders. . . I graciously told him, "this is not church, and even if it was, I've been raised not to follow blindly. ..We have been given the gift of the Holy Ghost to know the truth of all things. . .I am not a robot , I search, ponder, pray, and experiment upon the word. Telling someone they need to support someone because they are the elected official is like telling me to jump off a cliff because you did!"

Just because he was voted as President of the US, or any other political leader in any position. . . you don't just sit back and follow even when you don't agree. . .you voice your opinion, by phone calls, letters, meetings, picketing, any way you want (within the legal realms) You let them know what you want or else. . .you aren't allowed to complain! You gave up your rights when you said nothing at all.

I have written my representatives, council members, the "honorable Linda Lingle", and even the Mayor when I want them to know how I feel about laws, issues, and changes that they might be making. . . Everything from homelessness, to same sex union, to fire works! I am just grateful that I have the chance to vote and affect change. I'm glad that when they make the effort to come out into the public and ask for my vote or I bump into them at Sams's Club or a local restaurant, I take the chance to voice my opinion on something. . . They won't ever be able to say they had no idea of my stand on the issue.

When I find a politician that actually has a grasp on the way the people in their area feels and votes according to the majority of those they represent and not according to their own needs and beliefs, then I back them up no matter what. I think too often people go to the polls uneducated, unprepared, and ready to vote for the person whom they recognize on the ballot. I did that once . . . voted the wrong person in and have regretted it since. Even if my choice doesn't win. . at least the winner knows even if 20K voted for him/her, there is another 14k who didn't think he/she was the right person for the job, and that is good enough for me.

Bottom Line: I can't wait for the next elections. . I plan to be active all the way through. . . I made a bunch of promises myself to people who have forgotten who put them in their comfy little job and I plan to vigorously campaign against them!

Honk will ya, if you see me out on the road holding signs!