Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Smart and Silly

Because I don't have children of my own, I never know what they are really like. I get to see the nieces and nephews on occasion but to know if they are really well balanced. . .I'm clueless. Well until this weekend. I got a glimpse of ones life and was surprised at what I learned.

Riah was in the Jr. League Lego Robotics Competition. Because I was not a parent Enoka and I volunteered to help with the challenge.

Basically the teams had to study the climate of an area and then come up with a robot to help with that study. At the competition they had to display their finding and a model of the robot. Half the team stayed with the project and the other half came with me to preassigned schools and asked questions.

I was so impressed with how knowledgeable and informed and formal Riah was with the project and with her inquires of other schools and the such. She seamed so smart and mature for her age. Not afraid to ask, and learn and share. I thought, could any 9 year old really be this impressive?

As soon as it was over, all the kids in the team started to run around like the Kuaina from the Country that they were sliding all over the place and having fun.. . .then we went to dinner at Sizzlers and immediately she kicked off her shoes and kept making ice cream and having fun. I thought to myself. How lucky and how well rounded. She truly is a happy spirit with a well balanced life. Not too many children today have that. Good for her and her parents!

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  1. Thanks again for going... of course we all felt bad as she was heading off to the competition and she asked one more time... are you sure you guys cant make it... my heart just melted and I felt so bad! But she cannot stop talking about how much fun she had with you guys! I meant to send her with your camera... I even got batteries for it (from mom) but forgot to give it to her.... if you took any pics i would love to see them!