Monday, January 5, 2009

What new years resolutions?

So we did come up with some goals for the new year. . . most about getting healthier and eating better. . .but just like Iwa, I think ours starts in February.

So my week ended with Dinner at Mom's. I guess the gang in Laie has this standing tradition - they get together on Fast Sundays to break the fast. . .Since Lisi is leaving on Tuesday back to the frigid cold winter in Provo. We invited ourselves. Mom and Iwa baked potatoes, prepped nacho cheese, broccoli, and all the topping of a potato bar. Abe and Larie made chili. Fale and Kappy brought soda, and I made a couple pans of mom's cornbread. The food was great and all the toppings too. So great in fact that most of us skipped the potatoes and ate everything else. Sharon was the most unique. She had rice with cheese. . . . .nothing else. It was so much fun that Dad had to keep reminding us that we had neighbors and we needed to quiet down. I didn't want to leave, but had to work in the morning so Moenoa's made their famous Exit and back to town for us.

Saturday came with no great surprise until Mother called and invited me to lunch with the gang (all the sisters but Kappy {we really missed you} and Aunty Lexie who is down here defrosting from the Indiana snow (too bad about the colts :{) It was Macaroni Grill. . .now with such a large group we could have done it family style. . .but we all ordered our own plates and then just kept passing the plates around the table. I think Viena's was the best - shrimp and chicken scaloppini with capers, artichoke hearts, and all kinds of Yummy. . . .but the ravioli dessert came in a close second. For all the chocolate lovers out there, this was one dessert to die for.

We spent the First Day of 2009 in Nalo with the Moenoa side of the family. Of course we couldn't go empty handed so we had to stop for some noodles in Kailua and we could smell the roast pork. Enoka asked for a few pounds and got the reply in a thick chinee accent that could only come from one who has grown up here wit pidgon english, 'You like a small chop?, You like big chop? You like a chop chop? What you like? I give you!'

New Years Eve should only be spent in Hawaii. It's the only place I know that you can stay home and watch millions be blown up for free. We spent the evening in Aina Haina. The Yoshidas had a massive Hawaiian buffet. So ono in fact that officers patrolled their home all night for grindz. Of course that made it hard for the pyro's across the street. Each time a cop pulled up for a plate. . .they had to hide the goods again. But the view across the ridge was awesome. I'm so glad that new years only cost me two dozen malasadas for a spectacular show like that!

On a sentimental note. It also marks 9 years to the day of our first meeting (Enoka & I). We wish Luna was here to celebrate with us!

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  1. So I know that the reason why you couldnt take pretty pics of our gathering was because i had the camera but forgot to put in New Batteries! I agree.. Vienas plate with my noodles were perfect!

    I hungry for Malasadas now.. hopefully the truck comes next week!

    I like half small chop and one big Chop chop!