Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If I Ruled the World

I have never taken the time to wonder what would happen if I ruled the world. .. I have always thought of myself as an efficient indian rather than a powerful chief. . . My teaching techniques always consited of leading a discussion into certain paths, but not really laying down the law. . I don't like doing all the talking. . .or enjoying the sound of my own voice. . until this past week.

I was in the presence of Elite Royalty. . .Intelectuals beyond my years. . . Beings that could not be judged, corrected, or taught because they knew it all. . .Yes folks I am referring to the Senior Seminary Class of 2012 at the Honolulu Tabernacle.

I walked into the classroom excited to share my wealth of knowledge that I have been collecting as I teach the CTR 7 class each Sunday. I studied the lessons, came up with games and activities that would be entertaining and fun but at the end of the hour help them feel of the spirit and start the day right. With scripture in hand and about 20 hours of church videos, training, reading, and preparation I fell flat on my face.

Thats right. . .all the teaching, studying, learning and praying for a lifetime lead to this reality you can not shake the ideals of a teenager. . . especially if you have no food to bribe them.

If I ruled the world. . .I would vote them into office, run the government, and have them get up each morning to come and teach me at seminary! I didn't knock any of them off their pedistal, but they sure knocked me off mine. . .

I think it will be a while before I get off the floor.

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  1. Guess what? Welcome to the pack! hahaha! Give um 7 or so years.. and then Karma will make everything right!! LOL!

    ps. Sounds like you need a Costco size Bag of Starburst!