Thursday, August 11, 2011

Extreme Couponing!!!

I love deals! I am addicted to them. and when the deal includes something free I love it even more. . .I walked into Bath and Body yesterday with a free item coupon and walked out with a bag full of goodies and a free item that retailed at $15 all under $20!.

So today, I took a little trip around FACEBOOK and guess what I discovered. . .You think it and you can get it. . your favorite chips, meats, ice cream. . .anything. I was so excited I just joined about 25 pages in about the same amount of time. I've already got a free pineapple pop from edible arrangements, some great hair products from walmart, free zip lock bags and containers, and coupons for almost everyting I am buying for the rest of the week.

Try it, see what you get, and if you are having a baby I know where you can get $250 worth of products for free. . which makes me want to go back and get it for someones baby shower. . . Thank you friends who keep me abreast on the latest deals. . .you are making me loose sleep in a good way. . happy shopping and remember to ask yourself. . "is there a way I could get it cheaper or free!"

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