Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is Love/ My day

I tried to come up with my definition of love and thought so long that I didn't remember to post. So I am doing a double post today. . .

What is LOVE: Alapati,Rachael, Sharyn, Elijah, Mariah, Judah, Adonijah, Uriah, Rachel, Jeremiah, Natasha, Alisi, Viena, Larie, Abe, Iwa, Jason, Kappy, Fale, Sam, Lina, Seu, Luisa, Fa'a, Maota, Isaako, Linikone, Darnette, Loliga, Don, Kemu, Mom, Dad, and Enoka. True love is in the family.

Today I planned to do laundry, go to work, shop with Viena, and hang with Robbie. The in-laws flew in today and I didn't get to do anything planned. It's been so long since I've seen Robbie, that I bet she thinks I'm trying to avoid her. . Not true but feels like it. Oh and sending in my 4th order for avon.

I did get to spend a wonderful afternoon with family, chat with the girls, and had time to make cornbread. I even got to go celebrate BIG MAC MONDAY!!!!! THAT'S RIGHT BABY, IT'S BACK. . . GO WARRIORS!

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