Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 1 - Introduce yourself

Born Helen Kalei'eha Langi, now Helen Kalei'eha Moenoa I am called Helen by most, Kalei by family and close friends, K by neices and Nephews. I was named after my Great Grandma and My middle name is Hawaiian - Kalei'eha in literal translation means "wreath of pain" and if you had a mirror right now, I know what your face looks like as you are reading it. Everytime I tell someone they get that "WHAT!!!!" look. but the definition is my favorite part. "A joy so great that it makes you cry" for example: the feelings you have when you give birth and see and hold your baby for the first time (instant falling in love); or when you are kneeling opposite side of the alter to your new husband and all those emotions and thoughts that are going through you; or when I gain a testimony about a new aspect of the gospel- when the spirit is sweetly testifying to you and you have no doubt that what you are hearing is truth.

I grew up in Laie a.k.a Little Utah. I have an older brother: Sammy - he teaches ukulele, can beat box and hum a song at the same time. and has the biggest heart the world will ever know. He is part of a local band called Vaihi, and if I were bald, we would look like identical twins.

I have 5 younger sisters: Kappy, Iwa, Larie, Viena, and Lisi, and a sister-in-law Lina who is only younger than me by 4 months.

Kappy and I shared a room growing up but we are as different as night and day. She got all the artistic, creative, leadership talents and the coolest little boy Elijah.

Iwa just moved to American Samoa (samoya when being pronounced by her baby) She took her three girls Mariah, Shayrn, and Rachael with her. I am missing them all. Just knowing that I can't go play with them makes me want to move.

Larie has a baby boy that will break hearts. She is a lawyer who only works part time with the law. She has been dedicated to the Polynesian Cultural Center since she started and is currently the Manager over Hawaii/Military Sales. She is always busy but always makes time for everyone.

Viena: Nothing I say would do her justice. She is our miracle baby. Born with cerebal palsy, she never spoke until she was 3 years old. . . now she never runs out of things to say. She and I are shopping partners, we love to go to good restaurants and hang out. the only downfall is we live too far away and don't get together often enough.

Alisi: Baby of the family, with all the smarts! She too will be a lawyer (working on her masters in law as I type) She has the drive to change the world, and the heart to do it lovingly. She is one of my favorite examples of Christ. Always motivated to do whats right. Can't wait till she moves back home to Hawaii permanately.

I am married. Met the hubby on Dec. 31, 1999. At a party. He claims it was love at first sight. Took about 6 months longer for me. Enoka is my strength and weakness. He can make me happier and angrier, faster and slower than anyone I know. He is so incredible and I know he was sent to earth just for me. we are too good together.

My parents are still together. . . .42 years married. they are the most different people you will ever meet but awesome in their own way.

I work for Alternative Care Services, Inc. A company that provides daily assistance for those with dissabilities so that they can live in the community rather than facilities.

I am an independant sales rep for AVON and love it. I've only been doing this for 1 1/2 months but I really love it. Not just cause I love the products. . . but their are great benefits for working for this company and It is a ton of fun!

My entire family is musically inclined. I have to practice longer than others but my favorite past time with them is singing around the grand piano on sundays.

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  1. 1st off.. I have a lot of the smarts that you gave to lisi.... i just let her think she has all of them! haha!

    <3 the post!