Friday, February 13, 2009

What Lesson Should I Be Learning?

We all know the State of Hawaii is in dire straights but I am trying to learn the lesson presented before me so I can pass this "test" and receive my blessings, rewards, just anything that will help me.

As you might remember my goal this year is to increase my faith. . .well, no sooner did I make this goal, the chance to exercise faith came into play.

The Story:
Our company is contracted by the State. 89.5% of our income comes directly from them. Back in January we got note that the funds going to our company and others similar to ours [120 companies who provide services and support for those in the MR/DD division (Mental Retardation / Developmental Disabilities)] were transferred to the wrong account. Because, of the shortage in employees in DAGS they would probably take up to 10 days to find the mistake and fix it. At the same time I remember seeing a small article in the newspaper stating that Linda Lingle is freezing all payments to their vendors (again us being one of them) I couldn't imagine them delaying payment - well now it is 60 days later and we just got word that may be in another week we will see some sort of relief. Our company had enough funds to cover 3 pay periods but not enough to cover the last one a week ago.

So for the last week we have been getting calls on a daily basis. Employees' who's electric, water, gas have been turned off, people who need to pay their mortgages/ rent, people who are the only wage earners in their homes and have gotten to the point that they have nothing left. Enoka and I have actually done okay. . .when I found out we wouldn't have any income for a while we sat down and made a menu with the things we had left in our pantry. We feasted on Saturday with the gift card we got from our secret santa, we got the free milk from foodland (thanks Iwa). We did splurge and buy some eggs and have had pancakes more often than I'd like to admit. Well the 10 days came and went. We received a call from the State yesterday. . .rumor has it that we might get paid next Wednesday. Enoka and I? We don't have anything except marshmallows in the freezer, we have shared our canned foods from our pantry with another co-worker who was down to her last 2 cups of rice and 4 cans of vienna sausage to feed her family of 8 a few days ago. We have enough to keep going a ways more. And every time we open the cupboards to create another meal...the food is there. I really think it is a miracle of sorts. At the same time I thought to myself, I've fasted and I've prayed, not just for myself but for others who are in need. We haven't needed to ask family for help. We have been able to pay all our bills. Our health is good. Our chance to serve others has increased. Our trust in the lord has been strengthened, and my prayers have been answered but not my specific request. Does that make sense? Heavenly Father has literally blessed me with everything I need and more. I have paid all my bills, I have money for gas and the things I need. Per my inventory I should have run out of toilet paper a week ago and when I checked the storage last night I have enough for minimum of 3 weeks more. The little things like laundry soap and toothpaste and shampoo and just the odds and ends that can add up once a month. . . I have enough for several more months - I am not a hoarder, we shouldn't have as much as we do, but we do! Even quarters for laundry - I have enough for at least 2 more months worth! How? Why? Where did this all come from? My calculations say I should have run out a week ago. My supply closet tells a completely different story.

I just know I'm grateful. I'm humbled and amazed. I am blessed that I can share these things with others and my cup. . . literally runneth over. . . now that I look back, perhaps the blessings and rewards have already been given and I didn't realize it. hmmm. . . .

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