Monday, February 2, 2009

So close!

Okay you Cardinals fans . . .

I know I heard we lost. Thank goodness my real team didn't make it to the superbowl or else I'd be really upset.

Enoka talked me into skipping the last hour of church so we could make it home to the game. . .of course we missed the first quarter and "our team" AZ Cardinals were behind. . . they came back in the 2nd half and if Francisco (yup from Kahuku) didn't slip, they could have won. . .there was yelling and cheering and screaming coming out of my hubby until the final 2 minutes when Eagles had the ball and marched it back to win the game. . .and then complete silence. . for the rest of the night.

I think the "Big E" might be in mourning but I have to admit, I am smiling on the inside. . .I finally get my hubby back for the next few months and just in time too, my to do list was getting really long!

So if you see Noka, rub it in that he lost and Fale won. . .then lecture him on what happens when you don't put the Lord first. . .nah I think he may have learned his lesson!


  1. hahahahahahahaha! omgosh this blog is makin me laugh! So good on so many points...send noka my condolences and to you he can get busy on the "honey do" list!

  2. So what season is after football season? LOL! go dallas!