Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Okay most people want to be around others on their birthday, but this year I opted for rest!
I got phone calls from the girls and mom, dad, and viena early in the morning. All singing their rendition of Happy Birthday. Then one from Lisi at noon and then one from her at one, and then again at two. Yup, we just kept talking. Larie called about 5ish, and then Enoka came home with flowers (dozen red roses), chocolate (a king size hershy bar with almonds) and a card (the best homemade card one can make with hi-lighters. ..I'll try to get a picture on here - I also got a card from Robbie and emails from the co-workers.

With all the time I had, I could have been as productive as Iwa, but it was my birthday so I didn't clean the house. I did pay a few bills, and re-take the census test. . .I got a 27 out of 28. . .it really killed me! I couldn't believe it. it was one of the easiest questions. . .what is the definition of controversial?
a.) debatable
b.) ?
c.) political
I knew the answer was letter a, so why did i select b? one wrong, most people would Cheer, I felt defeated!

I went to look for a birthday cake, couldn't find one I wanted so I went home and baked one myself. Yellow with mini chocolate chips inside. it was yummy especially with all the ice cream Noka brought home. Dinner was cooked by Noka, his potato salad and steak, we were going to have lobster tails too(on sale foodland 10.99 a tail) but they were all out :{ but the steak was perfect. Besides who would want to spend 10.99 on something like that!

So Birthday Wisdom: I can't really be 37, I just saw Stephanie from the Bachelor and if she is 34 then I am only twenty something. . .is that mean? I swear she must be 50 something!
This year is going to be different. Not only were my prayers answered about primary (I've been praying for a change- hoping it was me but am grateful for a new presidency). I am no longer going to be spending money on just anything~not that I have it to spend, but from now on, I will be in control of my finances. I will cook more and eat out less- we seem to be happier eating in. . .and most of all I will make today the last time I forget to put on my bra before I go to work!

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  1. So the girls announce last night that they called you this morning and they think that since you are in town we should have our own celebration, I told them we already celebrated on sunday.. they said it didnt count... but while they were in the shower, Kappy showed up with Icecream.. so we ate dinner and finished it off with ice cream while the girls sang another rendition of Happy Bday!

    Happ blated!