Sunday, January 22, 2012

Latest PPI

So Daddy, so in tune with the spirit. . .more than most people realize, even with the dementia - called me in for a PPI (personal priesthood interview) a few weeks back. He heard from my mom that I was sick. To what extent I know not, but our visit was different from most of our PPI's. Gone were the questions, are you reading your scriptures? are you a full tithe payer? are you holding family home evening? are you attending the temple regularly? . . in it's place he testified to me about an experience he had with the prophet David O Mc Kay on one of his visits to Hawaii and the Polynesian Cultural Center. Dad had been chosen as one of the men to escort Pres. Mc Kay around the center, and when they had a moment alone, Dad asked him for a blessing. . . .He believed that Pres. M Kay would give him one because he had given one to his Grandfather and his mother on a trip to Tonga back in 1921. He wanted this blessing because there was some information missing from his patriarchal blessing. President Mc Kay knew who he was, remembered the exact day and location that he gave the blessings to our ancestors, and knew that Dad knew the blessings and promises that had been pronounced. He told dad, no- it was not necessary. That the blessings pronounced upon them would also be passed down to him. Dad explained to him that when he received his patriarchal blessing (in 1972)that information was missing. . .that all his siblings received this and that he desired this too. . .Pres. Mc Kay again told him not to worry, that he was aware of the blessing given to his mom and grandpa - it was the same blessing for him. That what he was promised in his blessing would come true depending upon his faithfulness. . .I share this because, I have been thinking about my patriarchal blessing. . .Dad has a profound promise in his that I don't have in mine. In fact mine states just the opposite. This has weighed on my mind for a while, and while doing a session this weekend, I felt the spirit testify to me the importance of the council given to me by my dad. I prefer not to share it because it was meant for just me, but I do want to say that I know he is a man called of God. Just a man, but one holding the priesthood, to act in his name here on earth. I am so grateful to know this. To have this confirmed. To know of his love for me, and know that he has done everything throughout his life to make sure that we are and can be a forever family. I share this now because I woke up early this morning after an interesting dream. I dreamt that I was teaching a class and the question we were studying was: Did Jesus really live again? like in that Primary song, "Did Jesus really live again after he had died? Oh yes, and so will I"

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